Company Profile

Ενεργειακά Κτίρια Ιωάννινα
Ενεργειακά Κτίρια Ιωάννινα

The Company
Energeiaka Ktiria

Engaged in designing and realising technical and energy projects and investments that utilize Renewable Energy Sources (RES) as well as energy savings.

The company offers turnkey solutions, undertaking the planning, the licensing, the equipment procuring and the construction of such projects.

Our main goals are:

  • Securing quality throughout the whole lifecycle of projects undertaken by the company.
  • Making sure that the company operates with an enhanced environmental responsibility.

Our company’s philosophy is to be in constant cooperation with our customers and to continuously inform and update them throughout the lifecycle of a project. This starts from the planning phase, where an initial briefing of the project takes place and the expected outcomes are discussed and agreed, all the way to the successful completion of a project. Enabling all parties involved to have a better understanding and keeping everyone up-to-speed is crucial in optimising resources and reducing complications.

The company believes in and promotes sustainable development for our society.Our aim is that society can benefit from the environment in a viable way without harming it by the activity Sustainability can be successfully combined with economic growth and social stability.