Our Team

Ilias Vasiliou

Ilias Vasiliou is the cogs and gears of Energeiaka Ktiria. He finished his studies in technical university of Thrace as an Electrical Engineer in 2000. For almost a decade he worked in a large local construction company specializing in residential and commercial buildings. For more than five years he was in charge of the construction sector leading a team of 6 engineers and 3 foremen. In 2010 he co-founded Energeiaka Ktiria with his brother Yorgos mainly targeting the young, at the time, “green” sector and technologies of sustainable building. He loves traveling, good food and wine and he never misses Pas Giannena’s matches (Ioannina’s local football team).
Ηλίας Βασιλείου Ενεργειακά Κτίρια Ιωάννινα

Yorgos Vasiliou

Yorgos is the organizer of the team. He is the instrumental manager ensuring all come together at the right time. Thanks to him the company's vision, strategy and growth are moving on a given axis. At the same time, he loves technology and monitors the developments of the sector, making sure that the company provides smart energy saving solutions in everyday life. From 2000 to 2005 he studied civil engineering at the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus and then he returned to his hometown. For the next 5 years he worked in the construction sector and in 2010 together with Ilias he co-founded the Energy Ktiria offering to the local community energy saving solutions in the building sector. Yorgos likes to run and never says no to a proposal for a good movie.
Γιώργος Βασιλείου Ενεργειακά Κτίρια Ιωάννινα

Alexandros Giannetas

Alexandros is the financial genius of the company. He studied at the Department of Economics of the University of Patras and returned to his hometown, Ioannina, in 2018. His addition to the team enabled the expansion in the field of Investments and the combination of both branches of Construction – Economics, creating a pioneering sector in our region. With his knowledge on Investment Evaluation and Marketing & Management, he has his eyes focused on new perspectives of the company and other companies that are interested in developing. Handles the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) programs and undertakes the processing. He loves art, foreign languages, animals and never says no to a trip.
Αλέξανδρος Γιαννέτας Ενεργειακά Κτίρια Ιωάννινα

Ruth Doumpalakidou

Ruth is the design engineer of the office, the one who holds our stylistic image high. She has the knowledge, experience and inspiration needed to create the ideal design from scratch but also to improve the aesthetics of existing structures. She studied Morphology and Restoration Engineering at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Thessaly. She has worked on a range of tasks having extensive experience in design, project management and customer service. She has been by the office from day one and has been supporting it non-stop all these years. She is involved in fitness, fashion and nature trips, while she likes to enjoy a good coffee in her favorite hangout.
Ρουθ Δουμπαλακίδου Ενεργειακά Κτίρια Ιωάννινα

Elena Baltogianni

Elena is the Benjamin of our team, adding tireless energy. She graduated finishing in University of Technology in Xanthi, bringing new air and ideas to our office. Trained in the operation and management of modern infrastructure for the maintenance of critical chapter of environmental protection, and a green conscience of the group. In particular, she specializes in the circular economy and sustainable development, remaining constantly updated on current environmental developments. She loves theater, music, fashion, and sea and mountain trips.
Έλενα Μπαλτογιάννη Ενεργειακά Κτίρια Ιωάννινα